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Prayer for Good Health

Divine Holy Spirit, Creator  and Renewer of all things, Life of my life, with Mary most holy, I adore You, I thank You, I love You!

You give life and vivify the whole universe. Preserve me in good health; free me from the illnesses which threaten it and all the evils which endanger it.

Assisted by Your grace, I promise to always use my energies for the glory of God, for the good of my soul, and in the service of my brothers and sisters.

I pray also that You may illumine with Your gifts of knowledge and understanding all doctors and those who cure the sick, so that they may know the true causes of the ills which endanger and threaten life, and may discover and apply the most effective remedies to defend life and heal it.

Virgin Most Holy, Mother of life and health of the sick, to you I entrust this humble prayer of mine. Mother of God and our mother, deign to increase its value with your powerful intercession. Amen.

(Credit:  Society of St. Paul, Philippines)

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